30 Day "Getting Started" Package

The 30 day "Getting Started" Package will set you up with everything you need to start transforming your life and body.  It only takes 21 days to form a habit, so start forming habits that will give you a longer, healthier, happier life and reach your fitness goals.  I will get you started for the first month, then the rest is up to you!

30 Day "Getting Started" Package includes:

  • A workout plan designed to put you on the right path to reach your goals - updated weekly.
  • Your workouts are scheduled and tracked online through my website and app, making it easy for you to log workouts and see your progress.
  • A diet plan that is fully customized based on your age, weight, height, level of activity, and goals.
  • Access to my personal email address and phone number with guaranteed 12 hr response time.
  • Weekly check-ins to ensure that you are staying on track, followed by adjustments to your diet and workout plan based off of the check-ins.

How can you get started?

  1. Order your plan via my online store.
  2. Receive the confirmation email with the instructions.
  3. Fill out the personal plan questionnaire to establish your goals and get started transforming your body.

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