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Ghost Lifestyle is a relatively new supplement company founded by IFBB Pro Ryan Hughes, Daniel Lourenco, and Paul Haverland.  Currently, they sell a pre-workout, amino acid supplement, and just recently launched their own brand of protein powder.  The protein powder currently comes in one flavor, called cereal milk.


If you’ve ever bought any other products by Ghost Lifestyle, then you already know that they put a little extra effort in making sure that their products are packaged in a unique container.  The whey protein is no exception here.  From the graffiti covered label to the bright red lid and customized scoop, I really appreciate their style and attention to detail.


The protein in Ghost Lifestyle’s whey is a mixture of an isolate, a concentrate, and a hydrolyzed isolate.  Because it’s mostly a whey isolate, it has a very low amount of fat at just 1.5 grams per serving.  It also contains just 4 carbs per serving, and delivers 25 grams of protein.  This protein is also low in sugar (just 2 grams).  The guys that run this company are bodybuilders, so they know what makes a good protein powder and I think they’ve done a good job with this one.  There are no extra or unnecessary ingredients.  They even make a point to say that they don’t amino spike their protein, which is a common scam for less reputable brands.


I found the name of this flavor of protein powder to be interesting - cereal milk.  Once I tried it, I was really surprised at how much it really does taste like cereal milk.  It’s like drinking the leftover milk after eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles or Fruit Loops.  However, I ran into a problem - and it’s the same problem that I experienced with the cake batter flavor from Muscle Milk.  The first sip tastes great until you realize that you have to drink an entire shaker of this stuff.  While cereal milk does taste good in small quantities, drinking an entire shaker of it is much less appetizing.  I found myself having to chug it down quickly before I got tired of the flavor and didn’t want to drink anymore.  I never had this problem with boring flavors like chocolate or vanilla from other brands.  You may enjoy it more than I did, but I found the flavor to be a little less appetizing when drinking a large quantity of it.

*UPDATE* - Ghost Lifestyle has now released a new flavor for their Whey protein product, called Milk Chocolate.  I found the taste of the Milk Chocolate flavor much more agreeable than the Cereal Milk flavor.  The Milk Chocolate flavor does taste very similar to other chocolate flavored protein powders, but I found it much easier to drink an entire shaker of this flavor.


Overall I think this is another solid product from the Ghost Lifestyle company.  They’ve really been producing some great stuff in my opinion from the packaging to the quality of the ingredients.  This whey protein is a great blend of protein isolates and a protein concentrate with very low fat and carbs.  The flavor is a little bit of a strange choice for me.  I would have preferred something more drinkable in large quantities.  It does mix easily with water with little to no clumps.  I would definitely recommend giving this brand a try if you’re looking for a new brand of whey protein (and you like cereal milk).  


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Michael McGill
Michael McGill


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