Sun's Out, Guns Out: The Key To Bigger Arms

September 06, 2016

What is the first pose that people generally strike when they want to show strength?  Most people put both arms in the air and flex their biceps.  Having massive arms is usually one of the first goals for guys when they start working out.  But it’s not just the guys - women also want those toned, well-developed arms.  Your arms are often the least covered part of your body below your shoulders, which make them a really quick indicator of someone’s overall level of fitness.  Everyone can appreciate well developed arms, but not many people know the most effective ways to get them.  In this article, I’ll break down everything that you need to know to develop those massive guns. I’m...

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Surviving An All-Liquid Diet

June 05, 2016

     Life can definitely throw you some unexpected curve balls.  Instead of feeling down or wondering why certain things happened to you, take on the unexpected as a new challenge.  Embrace the difficult because you know that it will make you stronger.  You will get through it and be fine in the end, but instead of just surviving through it, use it as an opportunity for growth.        About a month ago, I was thrown an unexpected curve ball.  I tripped and fell and slammed my jaw into concrete, breaking it on both sides.  I had to have my jaw wired shut for a full month!  I knew that I was about to be facing a lot...

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